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An Eye Symptom to Watch out For

By coreyconsulting
August 4, 2017

Chances are you probably visit your doctor at least once a year to check your health, but how often are you paying your eye doctor a visit? Eye diseases may be initially asymptomatic and it's critical to care for eye related problems before symptoms start, which may be initially ignored. Untreated eye problems can rapidly lead to major issues, causing visual impairments. Additionally, an eye health exam may even help to diagnose other systemic diseases, like diabetes, which one may be completely unaware of.

Eye floaters. Floaters may appear in a variety of shapes including cobwebs, specks, or strings. They are more likely to appear as you age and are associated with changes in the vitreous, the gel-like substance in the eye. In most cases floaters are harmless, but it’s still a wise idea to visit your doctor for a dilated eye exam, especially if they are acute, persist or if associated with other symptoms, such as flashes. Acute floaters may be indicated of more serious problems, such as a retinal break or retinal detachment.

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