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What Is Vitrectomy Surgery?

By coreyconsulting
September 25, 2017

For patients dealing with retinal diseases such as a vitreous hemorrhage or retinal detachment, the severity of the disease may require vitrectomy surgery. These procedures involve removing the clouded vitreous gel found in the eye’s center. Upon removal, the gel is swapped with a solution similar to that of healthy and clear vitreous. As a treatment for diabetic retinopathy, these procedures have great success rates.

Vitrectomies are usually performed using local or general anesthesia. In a case involving severe retinal detachment, an eye doctor may have to inject a type of gas into the eye. This gas will expand into a bubble, pushing against a retina to assist with reattachment. In these severe cases, patients are often required to spend a few days lying face down as the gas bubble dissipates in order for the bubble to maintain its proper position.

During vitrectomy surgery, doctors may also remove scar tissue once it has stopped pulling on the retina. When this happens, the retina will typically return to place and flatten, significantly improving a patient’s vision.

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